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Developing the Food Value Chain in East Africa

Developing the Food Value Chain in East Africa

Saraya Co., Ltd. is pleased to inform the start of our efforts on food sanitation in the East Africa region after receiving from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) the new "Africa food value chain problem-solving market development" project, carried out in cooperation with "KAI Global Limited" (head office in Nairobi, Kenya) and "COTS COTS LTD" (Kampala, Uganda).

Currently, in the East African countries, the cold chain for transporting goods is underdeveloped, with food transported in Styrofoam box packed with ice and low-temperature vehicles being very limited. The amount of food loss occurring during the transport from harvest to consumption has become a major issue, and the establishment of new food distribution systems is required.

Saraya will be visiting each local fishing village in cooperation with "KAI GLOBAL Limited", check the fish species, catch amount and actual distribution situation. After, a transport test from the port of Kenya to both Nairobi and Kampala will be carried, transporting marine products fished at the port, aiming to build an effective and efficient food value chain.

Also, marine products transported to Kampala will be provided and processed at the Japanese restaurant "Yamasen" operated by "COTS COTS LTD", where Saraya already provide safe and high-quality foods by introducing sanitary processing equipment such as slightly acidic electrolyzed water generator (Sanistar) and a rapid freezer (Rapid Freezer). Future food processing business development in neighboring countries in East Africa is being considered.

Rapid Freezer and Sanistar

Since 2012 Saraya has been present in East Africa with the "100% Hospital Hand Hygiene Project", aiming at educating medical staff and expanding the use of alcohol hand sanitizers. After 2014 also local production in Uganda of Saraya's hand sanitizers started, and in 2016 we received a project from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) called "2nd SME Development Project", where we developed a food value chain in Cambodia, giving us the experience and know-how that can be utilized in East Africa.

The African market is expected to increase in population and income in the future, also increasing Japanese cuisine demand. Saraya, supporting local investment and using the Japanese restaurant "Yamasen" as a model case, wants to improve quality food hygiene and food sanitation, following the example of medical sanitation in East Africa.

Company Profiles:

Head office location: P.O.BOX 52663-00100 A2 Kindaruma Business Centre, Kindaruma Rd., Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya
Business: Distribution and sale of fresh fish, manufacture and sale of sushi, distribution and sale of rice.

Head office location: P.O. Box 10144, Kampala, Uganda
Business: Consulting of Japanese restaurants, tenant business, agricultural production/processing/distribution/sales, microfinance for farmers, developing country support.

Saraya Manufacturing (U) Ltd.
Head office location: P.O. Box 23740, Plot 6C, Seventh Street, Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda
Business: Manufacture and sale of hygiene products, sanitation management service provided.

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