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Dec 27: International Epidemic Preparedness Day

The United Nations declares December 27 as the “International Day of Epidemic Preparedness” as the COVID-19 epidemic continues around the world.

The United Nations (UN) has declared December 27 2020 as the “International Day of Epidemic Preparedness” as the COVID-19 epidemic has taken over a million lives since emerging nearly a year ago at the start of 2020. The General Assembly proclaimed the day “to highlight the importance of the prevention of, preparedness for and partnerships against epidemics”

The adoption came days after hundreds of world leaders took part in a virtual special session of the international body in response to COVID-19, where urgent action to guarantee an equitable distribution of vaccines was demanded.

Viet Nam’s representative introduced the text explaining how COVID‑19 is not the first epidemic in recent years, nor will it be the last.  “The pandemic caught us off guard, but it also has served as a wake‑up call for improving our preparedness.”  By having a symbolic day such as the International Day on Epidemic Preparedness it will help to achieve that goal, he said.

Worldwide, the death toll from COVID-19 has surpassed 1.5 million since the virus was first detected in Wuhan, China in December 2019. The number of cases totals more than 69.5 million and recoveries over 44 million, according to the latest figures from US-based Johns Hopkins University (data as of 11 of December).

How Saraya is fighting against COVID-19 on 2020

SARAYA has improved its preparedness to fight epidemics since the start of the COVID-19. On top of increasing the numbers and spots where infection prevention tools, including alcohol-based hand disinfectants, are available, we have started to provide evidence-based information that can be useful either for professionals in healthcare and food sanitation so as for consumers in the community.

Not only a supplier of handwashing products and disinfectants, SARAYA is engaged in various infection prevention projects around the world, such as hand-washing events, donating disinfectants, infection prevention in nursing homes research projects, and so on.

We will continue to contribute to infectious disease control by establishing a product supply system to meet increasing demand and dispatch the cutting-edge information for infection prevention.


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