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Clean Care is Safer Care 15th Anniversary

The Clean Care is Safer Care campaign celebrates its 15th anniversary.

15 years have passed since the start of Clean Care is Safer Care. Launched on October 13, 2005, by inviting all Ministries of Health from around the world to join and pledge to fight healthcare-associated infections, it has grown considerably in number over time, with now more than 140 countries and 23,000 hospitals joining the initiative.

SARAYA, as a proud promoter over the years, wants to share the excitement for this milestone and toasts for further achievements in the future. Remember: hand hygiene saves between 5 and 8 million lives every year in the world. Hand hygiene is now more important than ever while we are facing Covid-19.

Join the celebration on social media with the hashtag #CleanHands15 promoting hand hygiene to fight the global pandemic.

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