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Thank you for Visiting our Booth at CHFA West 2015

Saraya Canada participates in CHFA WEST 2015.

Saraya Canada would like to thank all of those at CHFA West 2015 who visited our booth on April 11 and 12th. CHFA West is one of the largest conferences in Western Canada for natural products. This year was an exciting event, where we displayed our delicious Lakanto Chocolate. This line of sweets is made with our zero-calorie natural sweetener LAKANTO and contains organic, dairy-free cocoa. Visitors were amazed by the great flavor and natural ingredients. We were happy to hear feedback regarding Lakanto Chocolate's great taste while being sugar-free and made with healthy ingredients. We are looking forward to providing Lakanto Chocolate to all the customers we met at CHFA and many more to come!

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