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Lakanto S Certified as a "Doctor's Confirmed Product"

Recommended by 99% of doctors! Lakanto S is the second SARAYA product recommended by doctors.

We are pleased to announce that Lakanto S Granules and Lakanto S Syrup, our natural sweeteners with zero calories, have been named as "Product Checked and Recommended by Physicians" as a result of an evaluation by the "AskDoctors Evaluation Service" provided by M3 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "M3"), with 99% of the 100 physicians surveyed (July 2020 survey) agreeing that they would recommend the products. This is the second SARAYA brand that has achieved this certification after Yashinomi, our skin-friendly dishwashing detergent.

Lakanto S, a zero-calorie natural sweetener launched in Japan in 1995, is a safe, natural sweetener made from two natural ingredients: a high-purity extract from the cucurbitaceous fruit Luo Han Guo, which has long been popular as an ingredient in Chinese medicine, and erythritol, a natural sweetener derived from the fermentation of corn. It is a safe and natural sweetener that has the same sweetness level as sugar, without the need for troublesome conversions of usage amounts.

The AskDoctors Evaluation Service provided by M3 is a service in which member doctors of, a portal site for medical professionals in which about 90% of Japanese doctors (290,000 people) are registered, conduct objective evaluations using materials, experimental data, and products. The service certifies products that meet a certain standard and grants them a logo mark.

Of the 100 physicians who responded to the survey, 99% said they would "definitely recommend" or "recommend" Lakanto S Granules and Lakanto S Syrup to others.

Some doctors testimonies

  • On calories and ease of use

“I was looking for a substitute for sugar because it is a carbohydrate. I heard that artificial sweeteners were bad for you, so I had been using honey as a substitute for cooking, but I was getting concerned about the calorie content. Lakanto is derived from plants and can be used in the same amount as sugar, so I think it is an excellent alternative.” - Internist, 59 years old, male

  • On products of natural origin

"A natural sweetener made from natural ingredients with zero calories, that it’s safe and reliable...” - Internist, 62 years old, male

  • About the taste

“This product has a natural sweetness and is calorie-free. I think this is good for people who are cooking and baking at home more often due to Covid19 pandemic restrictions.” - Physician, 30, Male

*These are individual doctor's opinions and do not guarantee the same experience.

Features of Lakanto S

  • A safe, natural sweetener made from natural ingredients
  • Easy to replace sugar as it has the same sweetness as sugar
  • Maintains sweetness with heat

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Yashinomi is Certified by Ask Doctors in Japan

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