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Lakanto Mexico: Cycling Around the Country

LAKANTO MEXICO is supporting a passionate cycling group from Mexico City, the capital of the country.

There is a group comprised of young and energetic people who compete in marathons, triathlons, swimming and other activities. 

They presented a project which consists in starting cycling on the occasion of the celebration of Mexico Independence Week. Starting Xochimilco, where the group will get together, they will initially cover areas of Mexico City, with plans to go to other states too.

Each course varies from 135km within Mexico City and Acapulco, and up to 300km on schedule to cover Baja California later on. For what it remains for 2020 and the entire 2021, the group will be covering over 4,500km countrywide.

In all these rides, they will display the LAKANTO brand and they will wear LAKANTO shirts as part of their uniform.

This group has caught the attention of the local and national media and it is SMX/Lakanto Mexico hope that it will project LAKANTO’s name within Mexican people, creating a link with a healthy lifestyle and connecting with the people in Mexico to find their CHI.

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