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Designing for the Future: Bottle Plastic Reduction Project

Learn how we are working on reducing plastic in our products, one gram at a time.

In 2007, 6 years after the launch of arau., our line of natural soaps that are skin-friendly and suitable for the whole family, was born following the steps of its parent brand but with further improvements on the ease of use. Made with natural herbs with a pleasant fragrance, it is gentle to baby's precious skin, all presented in a bottle design that makes bath time easier by allowing you to hold your baby in your other arm.

Leading up to the celebration of arau. 's 20th birthday in 2021, we have been working to take the benefits of using these brands, not only to those who grew up using them but also to the environment connected with their lives. In other words, we have taken the responsibility of protecting the health of all children, current and future, as well as of the users of our product.

An example of this thought is visible in the creation and evolution of arau. baby Foam Body Soap. Foam Body Soap: reducing its impact

Launched in 2011, when creating’s Foam Body Soap bottle we aimed to balance safety and convenience with sustainability. A new bottle design was created that thanks to its easy-to-grip bottle shape and foam pump didn’t require extra effort for its use; you only needed one hand. Wide and sturdy to survive any falls and hits that a restless baby can create, its sustainability approach consisted of reducing plastic waste creation by providing pouch refills, extending the lifespan of the bottle.


Old Foam Body Soap packaging

As the world has realized over the years the ever-growing plastic pollution situation, we at SARAYA have also formed a plastic reduction project team to see if we can reduce the amount of plastic we use in our products without compromising neither strength nor stability. Reduce is the simplest and most basic step of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra, and although what we are doing may only be considered a small baby step, we believe that this could bring big changes in the future.

In 2020, we succeeded in reducing the bottle weight by about 5g, which is 10% of the bottle weight without changing the design, thanks to the knowledge and technology we have accumulated over the years. By February 2021, we achieved a reduction of a total of 4.7t of plastic weight, equal to reducing 104,000 bottles. That means not only less plastic but also a reduction in transportation pollution by having a lighter cargo. This is an achievement we have reached through many trials and experiments.

New Foam Body Soap redesigned in 2020, with a lower weight of plastic.

arau.,, and all of SARAYA’s brands continue to grow with you and your children for the future of all of us.


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