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arau. soap series wins in Hong Kong

arau. and laundry products were recognized by Oh! Pama magazine as one of the most popular brands in Hong Kong.

Ohpama, is the number 1 most popular website in Hong Kong for reliable baby and childcare related information. Belonging to the Toshima newspaper group with 80 years of publishing history in Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Australia, Ohpama is a great source of information for parents.

Ohpama brings together articles written by educational specialists, experienced teachers, and popular childcare bloggers to create Hong Kong's No.1 Childcare Information Media Site. The number of unique monthly visitors is about 1 million and exceeds 8 million page views.

Hong Kong citizens and 10 childcare experts named Arau and Arau Baby the best products for laundry and baby care.

Arau. and Arau. Baby laundry products were recognized by Oh! Pama magazine.

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