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Professional Healthcare Hygiene Solutions

Saraya Healthcare Hygiene combines all aspects of infection countermeasures through hand sanitation, medical equipment reprocessing and surface disinfection. We are also a major contributor to hospital sanitation education and research. Saraya publishes quarterly magazines, sanitation handbooks and manual posters. In addition, we provide live support through lectures and scholarly presentations, backing up the medical hygiene field with our own research.

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Major Problematic infectious disease, know your enemies

Disinfection Method

Every day, SARAYA helps keep millions of hands clean all over the world. Since 1952, our pioneering vision and sense of social responsibility have earned us the respect of businesses, schools, the government and households all over the world...More

High risk surfaces which pose an infection threat to patients should be regularly disinfected after skin contact. Saturated disinfectant wipes prove to be effective at rapidly disinfecting surfaces and equipment..More

Principals of Hand hygiene

No touch Technology

The two leading sets of guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare settings are published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...More

Hand hygiene is commonly regarded as the best way to prevent most illness in most common situation. From healthcare workers to company's employees...More